The Merced Sun-Star News in Education

News in Education was created to offer newspapers as an educational tool to area schools. Our goal is to reinforce a positive and lifetime reading habit in students by engaging them with current, relevant text - the newspaper.

An electronic edition is an exact replica of The Merced Sun-Star. It presents news and current information in an interactive format familiar to today's students and teachers.

Today's students are environmentally savvy, and recent research has indicated that today's youth are acutely aware of environmental issues and strongly support "green" programs. The eEdition is ecologically friendly, saving paper, ink and gasoline.

Young people are digital natives who spend much of their time outside the classroom on computers and mobile devices. Engage these 21st century learners in current events, social issues and history by using the new eEdition electronic edition of The Merced Sun-Star.

With no software to download or files to save, daily access to the interactive edition of The Merced Sun-Star is easy, fun and educational. Each edition of The Merced Sun-Star is available daily. All you need is a computer with Internet access - in the classroom, computer lab, library or your home.


Teacher Resources...
Click on any of the following links for interactive news experiences for you and your students. They're easy to use and make use of the latest in technology's learning tools.